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2020  Photography

A year of change, indeed. Moving to a new place...

Wide open living space 1-11-20.JPG
May 2020b - delivery of sofa-e.jpg

Being slammed by Covid-19...   

Finding momentary escape to the coast and my beloved photography treks...

6-18-20 Beach.JPG

I love beach sunsets and designs. Got some help with Pano pix. Here's more if you like them too.

Little Blue Heron2.JPG

On left, Little Blue Heron in my favorite wings down/umbrella pose! On right, the inside of this water lily caught my attention.

Osprey - e.JPG

Osprey nest at far reaches of Preserve. Of course, I must track progress over my time here...Click to follow with me.

Water Lily2.JPG
Red bellied Woodpecker at nest hole-e.JP

Swallow-tailed Kite - There were lots of them floating high above on this day...

Swallow Tailed Kite2.JPG
Dragon fly.JPG

Nice Dragon Fly

Red-bellied Woodpecker watching over nest hole - yes, there is something in there; I saw a head peep out...

Swamp hen chick note beak & wings.JPG
Night Heron e.JPG

Night Heron


Ibis e2.JPG

This is a Swamp Hen chick. Undeveloped wings - candy corn beak.

Butterfly e.JPG

My conclusion: Butterflies are an endangered species - very hard to find them...

Green Heron juvie e.JPG

Juvenile Green Heron

Happy gator with camouflage taken from water...

Gator e.JPG
Green Heron e.JPG

Green Heron

Chick-juvies: Always best to count the eyes - I count three of 'em...  -->

3 juv e.JPG
Anhinga e.JPG

Anhinga drying wings...

Osprey flying into nest e.JPG
Mom & Juv e.JPG

Hard to believe these are same bird - night heron adult (left) & juvenile (right)

Dragon fly e.JPG

Dragon Flies come in many lovely colors

Three eyes.JPG

Had to revisit - eyes are just amazing!

Another revisit - so majestic! And, now I am aware, very outspoken...

Osprey friend 6-23-20.JPG
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