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Tundra swans - e.JPG


Tundra swans - e.JPG

One Womans View This website was created years ago - before blogs were easy to write and publish. The purpose then was to share both written and photographic perspectives on the world. The purpose today is to make real the well-worn saying: "A picture is worth a thousand words". 

Natalie Ammarell - Natalie Ammarell had a long career as a consultant, teacher and mentor around the strategic and operational issues facing executives and boards of directors of nonprofit and government organizations. She is now retired and serving as volunteer Inventory Manager for the online bookstore of the Chapel Hill Public Library. She continues to enjoy wild habitats and nature photography.  As a photographer, Natalie's mission is to share nature's beauty that persists in the face of human encroachment and to introduce the sacred places that allow all varieties of wildlife to thrive...

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