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Photography Exhibit Features “Re-Collections”


CHAPEL HILL, NC – Chapel Hill photographer Natalie Ammarell will exhibit photographs that seek to both re-collect images and memories of past years and capture her passions of today. The exhibit, “Re-Collections,” will be held at Chatham Hill Winery, 8425 Chapel Hill Road in Cary, North Carolina, from October 2 to October 31. An artist reception will be held on Sunday, October 7, 2018 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.


The images offered in this exhibit follow themes and views of the world that have traveled with Ms. Ammarell through her entire life. In this exhibit she has also experimented with creation of collages of images following particular themes. She noted: “There are no portraits or candid people shots in this exhibit or in my collections. This is likely a reflection of my introspective nature.” Instead, she has attempted to capture the calming beauty of nature and the expressive outcomes of human enterprise. In the natural world, the colors and power of remarkable sunrises and sunsets, water, flora and fauna are pleasing and easily understood. Equally moving are the colors and bustle of fabulous markets or the sacred, artistic and architectural expressions of humankind.


Exhibit hours will be the same as Chatham Hill Winery’s business hours. See web address below.



Natalie Ammarell, 919.967.3062 (h) or or

Chatham Hill Winery, 919.380.7135 or

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